Long Live Centennial Valley

May 17, 2017

As many locals know, Elkhorn Peak and the Frawley Ranch are located in what is known as the Centennial Valley. A group named the Centennial Party left Ames, Iowa in January, 1876 and arrived in the Black Hills on April 16th, 1876. The group claimed to discover the Centennial Valley and first coined it the “Centennial Prairie”. Of course, long before this group arrived, various American Indian tribes inhabited the land. Incredible artifacts have been discovered over the years, from arrowheads and flints, to sacred burial grounds. When the interstate came through in the 1970’s, the project was halted for a period of time to allow archaeologists to remove artifacts that were nearly 5,000 years old. Something about the Centennial Valley has always attracted mankind, something that still stands true today.

Elkhorn Ridge Golf Estates is one of the newly budding communities in the Valley. With stunning views of Elkhorn Peak and direct access to one of the best golf courses in the state, it’s not hard to see the appeal. Residents appreciate the history that’s involved with every aspect of the Frawley Ranch and its prime location in the Centennial Valley. Many exciting things are on the way for Valley dwellers this upcoming summer, including a community garden and a 5.4 mile walking and biking path. With the new Frawley Fork bistro in the Elkhorn Ridge Resort Lodge, and the Travel Center that opened in April, Exit 17 is buzzing with activity and excitement. To appreciate the significance of living on the Historic Frawley Ranch, schedule a guided historic tour, starting Memorial Day weekend. Just as the first humans were drawn to this land 5,000 years ago, the beautiful Centennial Valley still entices Black Hills lovers today.