Welcome to our Updated Website & Blog

Gabe Dirksen| Assistant Golf Professional
January 13, 2020

We at Elkhorn Ridge would like to welcome you to our updated website and blog. The history, natural beauty, and overall experience is something that we believe is special to the Frawley Ranch.

This blog will create an immersive online experience that gives insight into life at Elkhorn Ridge. The Frawley Ranch offers stunning views of the Black Hills and a deep pioneering history that dates back over 140 years. As owner Daryll Propp says, "It's a wonderful development, but protecting the historic value of the Frawley Ranches at Elkhorn Ridge is just as important to us."

The blog will cover topics in golf, ranch life, resort amenities and history. We are looking to further our mission by encouraging dialogue about the products we offer, the activities we love, and the issues we're concerned about. By sharing our blog, patrons can show others the wonders of the Frawley Ranch.